Optimisations The problem with optimisations are unknown-unknowns. These are things that you don’t know you don’t know. Say, for example, you want to go abroad on a road trip. You have the known-known, of how many guests vs car seats there are, the known-unknown of how much fuel you’ll need and the unknown-unknown that you’ll Read more about Unknown-unknowns[…]

Abstract city

Great expectations

Variety One of the constants I’ve experience with FreeUP is variety. Other roles I’ve had have been variable, but (over time) had a relatively steady base-line, a ‘normal’ from which I could measure how different my day was. This base-line in a start-up however, drifts, sometimes at quite some speed. A ‘normal’ day 3 months Read more about Great expectations[…]

Different Size Engagements

A summary of obvious points When dealing with third-party companies, smaller companies can move faster and larger companies can generate more value. As startups are pressed for mostly every resource they have, picking different size engagements to tailor how the world interacts with you can be quite a powerful tool. The portfolio approach Typically when Read more about Different Size Engagements[…]