Abstract graphene structure

Edge modification of pristine graphene

Graphene? The discovery of graphene was one that caught the public’s imagination. Graphene, is a form of carbon where the carbon atoms are bound to each other in such a way that they make a series of hexagons. These hexagons all lye in a plane such that the material (graphene) ends up being a flat Read more about Edge modification of pristine graphene[…]


Stakeholder lead development

A solution without a problem Developments are often tasked with improving something, or fixing a problem. They expend resources to generate more resources or to make an overall saving by creating efficiency. A stakeholder lead development is the logical method of asking the individuals that have direct experience of the problem you are trying to Read more about Stakeholder lead development[…]


Publication One of the key focuses of my PhD has now been published in Analyst and has also made it onto their ‘hot original research articles in Analyst 2016‘ list. This publication describes the development of the total parameter matrix sensitivity (TPM-sensitivity) and demonstrates its use with experimentally obtained data. This metric calculates the most Read more about TPM-sensitivity[…]

First publication of acoustic work

Publication After much work, I am happy to report that the first paper utilising the modelling work from my PhD based on acoustic sensors has been published. It is part of the results section in the main publication from Trevor McArdle’s PhD and is titled “Optimizing the Mass-Specific Activity of Bilirubin Oxidase Adlayers through Combined Read more about First publication of acoustic work[…]