User guide

Login details

You will be provided with login details by Tom, this includes a username and a password that can be used to sign in.

User guide

Once you have signed in, you can find animals by their ID number. You can then create notes for this animal. Should the animal not exist in the app yet, adding a note will create it. Once the animal exists within the app, more notes can be added to it. Notes can also be deleted or edited – do not forget to submit the changes made to an edited note to update it.

If you wish to make notes centred around a process i.e. culling, requiring injections, etc, it would be advisable to add “Culled” as the animal ID and then list the animal numbers as notes to that ‘animal’. This will lead to an easier recall of information later.

Internet connection

You must be online (have an internet connection) to sign-in. Once signed in, you can go offline (e.g out of WIFI or mobile signal range) where you can use the app in exactly the same way you would when online; viewing, creating and updating notes for animals. The only difference is that when offline you will not receive live updates made by other farmers on the farm. When you return online, your changes are synced up to the cloud and changes in the cloud are synced back to the app. DO NOT sign-out or close the app when offline, all changes made while offline will be lost.

If using Google Chrome, the app version can be installed by pressing the + symbol on the top right-hand side of the browser. The app is updated on its own, all you need to do is to periodically fully close and reopen the app via the downloaded app icon.


The app can be uninstalled like any other app, this depends on the device. Once the app has been properly uninstalled, it can be installed again following the previous process.