Lone Farm Worker Safety Privacy Policy

Lone Farm Worker Safety Privacy Policy

Updated -14/01/21

What is the application’s purpose?

The purpose of the Lone Farm Worker Safety app is to provide a free tool to anyone who may need assistance from others nearby when they are working alone. 

The Lone Farm Worker Safety app is non-commercial, and as such, we are unable to guarantee full functionality or continuous up-time. The Lone Farm Worker Safety app should not be a user’s sole tool to ensure safety when working alone, nor should it replace specifically designed health & safety products aimed at lone working.

1. Information collection and use

What information do you collect?

The only information collected and made visable to us by the Lone Farm Worker Safety app is:

  • The SSID (WIFI name)
  • The name you type as your in-app username.
  • No other personally identifiable information is made available to us.

The Lone Farm Worker Safety app has been developed to assist those lone working and as such we have ensured that only information absolutely necessary for us to provide the Lone Farm Worker Safety app’s core functionality is shared.

Location data

How is my location data used?

Location data is required and used to identify when the user in near, or in, an area the user has identified as being an area of potential harm.

When the Lone Farm Worker Safety app detects a network listed by the user, it identifies that the user may be in a hazardous area and automatically starts to monitor the user for movement.

To provide automatic monitoring, the Lone Farmer Safety app, monitors location data, in the background even when the Lone Farmer Safety app is close or not in use.

Are other forms of location used?

The only form of location used by the Lone Farm Worker Safety app is the detection of SSIDs (WIFI names), to approximate the user’s location. GPS and other methods capable of determining a user’s actual location are not used.

SMS data

How is access to my SMS used?

SMS access is required and used to send an emergency SMS when the user is at harm.

This SMS is triggered either manually or automatically and send to the contact number set by the user inside the Lone Farm Worker Safety app.

Does the app read or modify SMS messages?

No, the Lone Farm Worker Safety app only uses this permission to send SMSs. It does not read or modify other SMSs on your device.

As SMS messages are handled by your phone and native text messaging applications, the Lone Farm Worker Safety app has no access to your SMS messages. We never receive or know your phone number or the content of any SMS messages apart from the content of emergency SMS messages sent by the Lone Farm Worker Safety app.

Other in application data

How is my in-app username used?

The username that you choose when you first use the Lone Farm Worker Safety app is used to identify your account and to provide core functionality.

Your username can be anything you choose and does not need to be anything that personally identifies you. You do not need to provide us with anything personally identifying to use the Lone Farmer Worker Safety app. Please bear in mind that whatever username you choose will be the name sent with emergency messages and starting and finishing work messages.

Is other personal information shared?

No. No account details or usernames on your phone are shared with us. As outlined above the only information ever made available to us are the WIFI name (SSID) and the in-app username you choose. No other personal information is shared with us.

Log data

Our servers automatically record information “Log data” generated upon the Lone Farm Worker Safety app’s connection to our servers. Our Log Data is anonymous, and so will NOT include personal information.

Data sharing

What information do you share?

No information is shared with other parties. The Lone Farm Worker Safety app was created to assist people working alone and is not commercially driven.

We do not put advertisements in the app and we do not sell, provide or through any other means make your information available to any other party apart from where it is necessary to provide you with the application’s functionality.

Why does this app exist?

This Lone Farm Worker Safety app was created when this lone worker safety gap was identified during a research project that was looking into new technology developments with farmers.

As it is non-commercial, we have no interest or intent to collect data or to display ads. We simply want there to be a tool available for those who need it. If enough people find the Lone Farm Worker Safety app useful we may seek sponsorship to improve and expand its offering.

2. Changes to this Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make a change to this Policy that, in our sole discretion, is material, we will notify you via an email to the email address associated with your account or through the Services. By continuing to access or use the Services after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.