Water Sensor Traction

Water Sensor Traction I mentioned in a previous post about how a weather forecast for waterways system could move those who deal with water forwards and how FreeUP was undertaking phase 1 of the work involved. After many meetings, R&D sessions and days outdoors in the rivers themselves, we’ve now completed this phase of work. Read more about Water Sensor Traction[…]


Optimisations The problem with optimisations are unknown-unknowns. These are things that you don’t know you don’t know. Say, for example, you want to go abroad on a road trip. You have the known-known, of how many guests vs car seats there are, the known-unknown of how much fuel you’ll need and the unknown-unknown that you’ll Read more about Unknown-unknowns[…]

Abstract city

Great expectations

Variety One of the constants I’ve experience with FreeUP is variety. Other roles I’ve had have been variable, but (over time) had a relatively steady base-line, a ‘normal’ from which I could measure how different my day was. This base-line in a start-up however, drifts, sometimes at quite some speed. A ‘normal’ day 3 months Read more about Great expectations[…]

Moving the boat forward

This week’s update I found myself sitting down this week to write an update, but blocked from knowing what to write about. It wasn’t a case of having nothing to encapsulate in a post, but instead a case of FreeUP having numerous positive internal developments that would be unwise to make public. I considered eluding Read more about Moving the boat forward[…]