Water Sensor Traction

Water Sensor Traction I mentioned in a previous post about how a weather forecast for waterways system could move those who deal with water forwards and how FreeUP was undertaking phase 1 of the work involved. After many meetings, R&D sessions and days outdoors in the rivers themselves, we’ve now completed this phase of work. Read more about Water Sensor Traction[…]

Different Size Engagements

A summary of obvious points When dealing with third-party companies, smaller companies can move faster and larger companies can generate more value. As startups are pressed for mostly every resource they have, picking different size engagements to tailor how the world interacts with you can be quite a powerful tool. The portfolio approach Typically when Read more about Different Size Engagements[…]

Abstract structure

Structures from nothing

Starting a company is a privilege. As summarised in Zero to One it’s not an incremental improvment, but going from zero to one, making something where there wasn’t anything before. When making structures from nothing, I found it important to note how the overarching structure of the company would be built from its numerous subsystems Read more about Structures from nothing[…]