One of the key focuses of my PhD has now been published in Analyst and has also made it onto their ‘hot original research articles in Analyst 2016‘ list. This publication describes the development of the total parameter matrix sensitivity (TPM-sensitivity) and demonstrates its use with experimentally obtained data. This metric calculates the most mathematically relevant harmonics to the parameters under investigation. This in turn allows for testing of the theoretical likelihood experimental success, pre-experimental optimistation and aids in model fitting to experimental data. All of this has been coded so that the user dosen’t need a deep understanding of the work in order to use this metric.

Future work

As the TPM-sensitivity metric has been demonstrated and peer reviewed, its validity has been confirmed. In order for others to use it without needing to fully understand all the fundamental workings, I have coded it into MATLAB. This code is available on Github and I hope that other researchers/software manufactures use this as a basis to further develop its application to QCM-D data analysis. If you are considering using it and need help or guidance then please contact me through the website or otherwise so that I can help the progression of this work.

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